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  • Réunion Travel Itinerary

    Réunion Travel Itinerary

    Ile de la Réunion (or La Réunion or Reunion Island or just Réunion) is a French oversee department, i.e., officially part of the European Union. The island is located in the Indian Ocean next to Madagascar and Mauritius. While Mauritius is sometimes called “paradise island”, Réunion is called the “intense island”. And rightfully so! Its…

  • Lofoten Hiking Itinerary

    Lofoten Hiking Itinerary

    The Lofoten Islands are a group of islands in the north of Norway, which we had planned to visit for a long time. Now, we finally did and it was amazing! The nature is absolutely beautiful: Steep mountains, amazing views, fjords, turquoise water, and in between many small villages. Perfect for people who enjoy hiking…

  • Tenerife Hiking Itinerary

    Tenerife Hiking Itinerary

    To us, the best part of Tenerife is its great and diverse nature, which is best explored by foot. Here is our 1-3 week travel itinerary for people who like hiking and want to explore the best of Tenerife. We visited Tenerife for 12 days (incl. travel days), which was enough to get a good…