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  • Mauritius Travel Itinerary

    Mauritius Travel Itinerary

    Mauritius is a tropical paradise island known for its perfect beaches with crystal clear, turquoise water and palm trees. It is located next to Madagascar and Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.In this Mauritius travel itinerary, we share our tips for an amazing 1-week stay on Mauritius. Before visiting Mauritius, we spent two adventurous weeks…

  • Réunion Travel Itinerary

    Réunion Travel Itinerary

    Ile de la Réunion (or La Réunion or Reunion Island or just Réunion) is a French oversee department, i.e., officially part of the European Union. The island is located in the Indian Ocean next to Madagascar and Mauritius. While Mauritius is sometimes called “paradise island”, Réunion is called the “intense island”. And rightfully so! Its…

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